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SRF Sent To Senegal & Other News

January 2019

There are two bits of ‘new news’ in the latest data which caught my eye straight away; the first is the fact that Sweden has taken the mantle of “2nd Largest Recipient of English RDF” from Germany. Underlying data suggests that this is not just a mere blip, with exports to Germany down by -24% year-on-year, whereas tonnages to Sweden are up by +6%. The slowdown in German exports is not being experienced by all companies though; Seneca, Andusia, Bertling, FCC, Frimstone, McGrath Bros and Veolia are all seeing export growth to Germany. However, a number of companies have ceased (or very-nearly-ceased) sending RDF to Germany, such as Bagnall & Morris, Bywaters, Thanet Waste and Greenway, and this has made a significant dent in the volumes.

The other news is that the first shipment of SRF has been made to Senegal, marking a new destination and supply route. This affirms the trend which has been underway for some time now, whereby the countries outside the “Top 5” have steadily increased their share of RDF / SRF receipts. These other countries, such as Latvia, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland and now Senegal, now account for nearly 11% of the destination volume, which represents genuine growth rather than just holding their own in a declining market.

As noted last month, there are signs of green shoots of recovery in the Netherlands. While the headline figure still shows a -17% decline year-on-year, the underlying short-term trend is more encouraging, driven by an uplift in RDF receipts by AEB (recorded receipts are 33% higher in Sep+Oct+Nov 2018 vs Sep+Oct+Nov 2017). Bear in mind that AEB consumes almost 10% of all English RDF exports, so this is a potential marker for future direction. Note also the stellar rise in EEW Saarbrucken’s receipts.

2019 will be a very interesting / volatile / nail-biting year. RDF exports have been erratic since the Brexit referendum, initially with swinging convulsions followed by a cautious decline. Uncertainty still reigns supreme, with many questions remaining unanswerable until there is some clarity on the landscape beyond March.

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