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TFS Overview Dashboard

July 2020

The latest Transfrontier Shipment of Waste ("TFS") data has been incorporated into a new interactive 'TFS Overview Dashboard' by Footprint Services. This allows users of the dashboard to create the report of their choosing based on a selection of easy-to-use dropdown filters.

The information in this dashboard includes waste transferred by transboundary shipment which are governed by notification controls; therefore it does not include 'Green List' transfers. For such controlled exports, the Dashboard allows the user to identify the source and supply of shipments by EWC code.

Materials covered include:

- Refuse-Derived Fuels ("RDF")

- Chemical waste

- Waste wood (low grade)

- Healthcare / Biological waste

- Waste Electronics ("WEEE")

- Plastics / Glass / Metals etc that have a moderate-to-high level of contamination

Tonnage-wise, the biggest single category is RDF, accounting for around 80% of volume of such shipped waste. Nonetheless, the Dashboard can identify outlets and opportunities for other wastes that have a higher inherent cost, despite being lower in weight or volume.

To illustrate the dashboard, we shall take a look here at 'Off-Specification Chemical Wastes', a subset of 'Chemical Wastes'. Over 90,000 tonnes of Chemical Wastes have been exported under notification control in the past year, and, within that volume, nearly 40,000 tonnes were categorised as 'Off-Specification Chemical Wastes':

In the past year, total volumes of 'Off-Specication Chemical Wastes' have risen (see 'TFS: Country Comparison'); with outlets in some countries faring particularly well, chiefly Portugal and France. Conversely, volumes to the Netherlands have declined significantly:

Taking a look at notifiers involved in the export of such 'Off-Specification Chemical Wastes', we see that Bio Products Laboratory Ltd (BPL) has increased its tonnages significantly, as has Chloros Environmental Ltd (see 'TFS: Notifier Comparison')

Swapping to look at the Consignees (the companies that received the waste), we particularly note that EGEO (based in Portugal) has increased its receipt of Off-Specification Chemical Wastes from England. EGEO offers solvent regeneration services waste oil recovery and management of other hazardous wastes.

The 'TFS: EWC Code Comparison' chart reveals that the bulk of the transfers are in the form of Mixed EWC Code batches rather than one specific code (shown by the yellow bar). The red-pink bar, which has also risen, corresponds to EWC 18 01 06* (Chemicals consisting of or containing dangerous substances):

So, what does this TFS Overview Dashboard look like? It looks like this:

Using the TFS Overview Dashboard is simple and straightforward, interactive and intuitive. The user has control of six drop-down filters. Do you want to see who has exported or received a particular EWC code? Are you after more outlets for low-grade plastic or metals? Are you a manufacturer, struggling to find outlets for chemical waste? Do you have an interest in the export of RDF? Just use the filters to create the charts that answer your question.

The TFS Overview Dashboard: an invaluable addition to your waste management operations. Please get in touch if you want to arrange an online demo or to find out more about it.

Footprint Services provides information on wood waste, RDF, food waste treatment and other waste streams - please get in touch for more information