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EWC Interrogator (New & Improved v1.5)

January 2019

As a professional at the chalkface of the waste industry, you realise the importance placed on EWC Codes, finding outlets for waste streams, securing additional feedstock for your own requirements, identifying disposal and recovery options etc.

To aid these core business functions, Footprint Services has developed the EWC Interrogator.

The EWC Interrogator is an interactive report which allows you to gain insight on EWC codes relevant to your business operations. For your chosen EWC code/s, the report shows you (in both data and visual map format):

- Tonnage incoming to permitted waste facilities

- Tonnage outgoing from permitted waste facilities (and an indication of final processing)

- Tonnage sent from industrial facilities such as large manufacturers (with Environmental Permit)

- Tonnage received by Incinerator sites in England NEW

The attached PDF (click on the image below) features a screenshot summary run-through of the reports in the EWC Interrogator which I hope will communicate the value of this innovative product far better than me trying to describe it here.

For a single, annual license fee, this report can be installed on an unlimited number of computers across your establishment, giving you uncomplicated access to information and insight, contributing to and facilitating your decision-making.

If you have any questions about the EWC Interrogator from Footprint Services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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