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RDF Port Route Analysis

May 2019

As well as reporting on the Notifiers and Consignees, it is interesting to periodically review key trends at ports, both exit from England and entry overseas. If there are noticeable RDF tonnage increases through a particular port, this might indicate a strategic decision by that port to encourage the movement of waste-derived fuels.

Thus, table 1 shows the top 15 exit ports, table 2 shows the top 15 entry ports and table 3 shows the top 15 “exit to entry” routes, along with year-on-year % growth and the market share of that port or route.

Felixstowe heads the table, accounting for over 17% of English RDF exports and showing growth while other leading exit ports are seeing volume declines. Moreover, Felixstowe to Vlaardingen in the Netherlands is the single-largest export route for RDF, providing passage for almost 10% of the national total.

The Sankey flow diagram below affirms that many of the top 10 ports receiving English RDF are in the Netherlands, with the Felixstowe-Vlaardingen relationship particularly strong. Other key connections are Tilbury to Ijmuiden, Harwich to Europoort and Purfleet to Rotterdam. The ports in the South East tend to supply to the Netherlands, whereas the more northerly Humber ports (Immingham, Grimsby, Hull and Killigholme) are more geographically favourable for exports to Scandinavia.

Focusing on Felxstowe, the chart “Trend Of Tonnage Through Felixstowe By Destination Port” suggests that the Vlaardingen connection is stable but not providing Felixstowe with its headline growth. Instead, while the volumes to Rotterdam have declined in recent years, exports to Limassol (Cyprus), Bad Bentheim (Germany) and Cuxhaven (Germany) have increased, helping to sustain Felixstowe’s market lead.

The top 5 notifiers sending RDF through Felixstowe are N+P, Biffa, Renewi, Veolia and Seneca. The top 5 recipients of RDF (or SRF) sent out through Felixstowe are Attero (NL], Vassiliko [CY], EEW Energy from Waste, AEB (both to NL and DE) and SWB [DE].

Finally, observing the runners-and-riders in the market more generally, Bertling Enviro are particularly eyecatching. In a market that is still exhibiting signs of unease in the midst of Brexit-related fog, Bertling has advanced to seventh place on the Dashboard leaderboard, showing no sign of slowing, with every likelihood of moving into sixth place in the near future.

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