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Hazardous Waste Exports From England

May 2019

Summary of hazardous waste volumes exported from England under TFS regulations. Tonnages shown are 12 months to (and including) April 2019. +/- percentages denote the growth or decline since the equivalent 12 months in the prior year.

Latest figures from the Environment Agency show that that chemical wastes constitutes the largest volume of hazardous waste exported from England (that is, waste streams allocated an asterisked EWC code). Of these chemical wastes, over half fall into the category of “Used Oils” (see Chart 2). Used oils are sent to more than a dozen companies overseas in a number of countries, the largest single recipient being STR Tecoil in Finland (STR Tecoil has an oil refinery that uses used lubricating oils as a raw material).

Overall, almost 70 individual companies from England sent hazardous wastes overseas in the past year, to a similar number of recipient consignees.

Altogether, 44 EWC codes account for the individually-coded shipments, such as 16 06 01* (lead batteries), 15 02 02* (absorbents, filter materials, wiping cloths etc) and 19 03 08* (partly-stabilised mercury).

Footprint Services has produced a report presenting the suppliers and recipients of hazardous waste by EWC code. Click on image below for a PDF summary (same info as this website). Please get in touch for more details about the detailed report.

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