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EWC Interrogator: Logistics Module

November 2019

Logistics operators seek to make use of backhaul opportunities, increasing the efficiency of and maximising returns on their activities. This module from Footprint Services helps to do just that.

What waste materials travelled from the South West to the North West in 2018? Or from East of England to the West Midlands? Knowing which companies make such transfers gives a haulage company a good lead in knowing who to contact. After all, often a particular site in one location has an ongoing commercial relationship with an outlet elsewhere, so there is a good chance that historical transfers are a strong indicator of regular activity.

The map above shows tonnages that were dispatched from permitted waste sites in the South West which had a destination in the North West in 2018.

For a company sending laden lorries from Manchester to Exeter, knowing what possible loads might be backhauled is invaluable information.

Expanding the tooltip, we note that 193 tonnes of EWC 19 12 07 moved from near Wells for incineration in Manchester.

The information covers all regions across England and Wales, allowing for any permutation.

The data can be seen as a visual map, or exported to Excel. It can also be filtered for hazardous / non-hazardous, with additional filters for material type (e.g. "Ferrous Metals", "Plastics", "Wood" etc.)

If you have any questions about the EWC Interrogator information services provided by Footprint Services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.